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Phenotype The term coined by Johannsen (1909) for the appearance (Gk. phainein, to appear) of an organism with respect to a particular character or group of characters (physical, biochemical, and physiologic), as a result of the interaction of its genotype and its environment. Often used to define the consequences of a paticular mutation.
Related Terms:
Trait An attribute or character of an individual within a species for which heritable differences can be defined.
Genotype The term proposed by Johannsen (1909) for the hereditary constitution of an individual, or of particular nuclei within its cells.
Mutation The term which De Vries introduced into biological literature for an abrupt change of genotype which is inherited. Any permanent and heritable change in DNA sequence. Types of mutations include point mutations, deletions, insertions, and changes in number and structure of chromosomes. (Cf. polymorphism)

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