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Adaptation In the evolutionary sense, some heritable feature of an individual's phenotype that improves its chances of survival and reproduction in the existing environment.
Related Terms:
Evolution In Darwinian terms a gradual change in phenotypic frequencies in a population that results in individuals with improved reproductive success.
Phenotype The term coined by Johannsen (1909) for the appearance (Gk. phainein, to appear) of an organism with respect to a particular character or group of characters (physical, biochemical, and physiologic), as a result of the interaction of its genotype and its environment. Often used to define the consequences of a paticular mutation.
Survival State of surviving; remaining alive; a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment. One measure of fitness.
Reproduction Continuation of species or breed, sexually or through cell rupture, cell division, budding, spore formation, conjugation or parthenogenesis.
Environment The combination of all the conditions external to the genome that potentially affect its expression and its structure.

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